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Champions Indoor Football

Champions Indoor Football


One unique advantage our coaching staff has is an amazing and lengthy history with the Bandits. Head Coach Erv Strohbeen has been with the Bandits as a player or coach since the beginning of indoor football in the Sioux in 2000. Coach Jarrod "JD" DeGeorgia has also been with the Bandits off and on as a player and coach since indoor football came to Sioux City in 2000. Coach "Z" Zevenbergen joined the team as a player in 2006 and moved into coaching in 2009. Now in 2018 we add a new coach that Bandit fans are very familiar with as Coach Marlon Lobban transitions from six years as a Bandit to coaching fellow Bandits in 2018.

Our coaching staff have been on the field, lived through the highs and lows, good and bad days, won rings and lost them. They work hard every year to put together a team they feel will take us to the Champions Bowl. Coaching is not just a game day thing, it's a year 'round job. Coach Strohbeen has received the Coach of the Year award for two years in the Champions Indoor Football (CIF) league. That alone speaks volumes.

Erv Strohbeen
Head Coach

Jarrod "JD" DeGeorgia
Offensive Coordinator

Marlon Lobban
Defensive Coordinator

John Zevenbergen
Defensive Backs Coach

Anthony "Big Daddy" Thomas
The "Prince" of Coaches

Tony "Billy Bandit" Payne
Equipment Manager Extraordinaire

Paul Dacres
Player Personnel